Lecture Title
A Brief History of Colored Stone Faceting

Justin K Prim, author and faceting instructor in Bangkok, explores the history of colored stone cutting in Europe. Beginning in the 1400's and taking us on a visual journey through modern times, the presentation includes many images and videos showing faceted stones in jewelry at various points throughout history and also discusses the development of techniques and machinery through the ages. We will look at the the evolution of the gem cutting craft as it has been influenced by the artistic and technological trends of the times from Renaissance to Victorian to the Modern Era, from table cut to concave faceting. Along the way, we will follow the journey of the European faceting machine as it migrates and evolves from Turnov, Bohemia to Idar-Oberstein, Germany and Jura, France.

Past Talks:

June 27, 2018,
GIA's 108th Gemstone Gathering, Bangkok Thailand
Feb 3rd, 2018
, AGTA Show, Tucson Gem Show, Tucson, Arizona