Justin K Prim is an American lapidary and gemologist living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. He has studied gemcutting traditions all over the world as well as attending gemology programs at GIA and AIGS. He is currently working on a book about the worldwide history of gemstone faceting. He works as a Faceting Instructor for the Institute of Gem Trading as well as writing articles, producing videos, and giving talks about gem cutting history.


I can be found in a few other places on the web:

Wizard Gemcutter : A Collection of my Writings about Gems, Travel, Philosophy, and more.

@justinkprim : instagram

The Heart of Merlin : My in-progress book about Merlin and the Arthurian legends.

A Brief History of Doog : A collection of stories about my best friend Doog.

Justinus Primitive : My musical project of the last decade